Most Valuable Websites of 2018

While working over internet sometime you may get stuck somewhere or you may search for useful tools to enhance your productivity and save time. No doubt, there are tons of such valuable websites and web apps available over internet, but its a time consuming task. So, here we would like to share with you links of the most valuable websites and web apps which will likely to increase your productivity and help you learn new things.

Most Valuable Websites of 2018

Search Engine
Undoubtedly google search is the most reliable and popular search engine, but does not store your personal information with ads.

Freelancing Platform
This is a perfect platform for freelancers who find their suitable project to work.

Free Mobile App Builder
Thunkable is a good place for those who love to build their own apps for Android and iOS. You can Build your own apps by dragging and dropping your favorite components and connecting them together with blocks.
This is yet another one of the most valuable websites to build your dream apps. It provides you the most intuitive, magical tools for creating any app or website that you can imagine. Whether you’re an expert coder or have never written a line of code in your life, Glitch is for you. And it’s free!

Interactive Presentation is basically a Microsoft product which expands your productivity by creating and sharing interactive reports, newsletters, presentations.

Disposable email
You can create disposable email addresses. And we all know why we need it.

Social Media Management
Buffer is a place where you can manage your social media accounts.

This a WYSIWYG editor to draw ASCII diagrams that you can embed in html.

Mock Data for Project
Do you need some mock data to test your app? This will lets you generate rows of realistic test data in CSV, JSON, SQL, and Excel formats.

Flight Tracker
If you are planning to travel by air to somewhere or if you are wondering to track your flight status at any airports worldwide, then this website can help you.
This is very useful website to track your baggage or freight shipment by air worldwide.

Free Image/Video Stock (Pixabay)
Pixaby is the best website to download high resolution images absolutely free.
This is an online library where completely free stock of HD videos is available to use anywhere. All videos are licensed under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license.
This is yet another a good website where completely free stock of HD videos is available to use anywhere. You can use them anywhere without worry.

This is not the end. We will keep this page updating with more useful websites and web apps available from time to time. So, please keep visiting this page regularly for more updates.