Genuine Web 2.0 Submission Websites List in 2020

In the series of SEO planning, we now discuss the importance of web 2.0 submission websites. We will further share the list of genuine web 2.0 submission websites list in 2020.
Before we start, let’s know about what is web 2.0 submission website.

What is the web 2.0 submission website?

Web 2.0 sites refer to blogs, wikis, social networking sites, video sharing sites where we publish and share our content online. WordPress, blogger, Facebook, youtube all are the example of web 2.0 sites.

Web 2.0 submission website is the best platform where you can easily promote your website or blog.

How do Web 2.0 sites help to generate traffic to your website?

Web 2.0 sites are a good source of traffic. Their higher DA and quality content attracts users to visit. What all you need is a regular submission of high quality and meaningful content to these web 2.0 sites and place some links pointing to your commercial or targeted page. This will definitely generate more traffic on your site.

Importantly, Web 2.0 sites are mostly free to use platforms where any internet user can create their own pages, make blogs, interact with other users etc.

How to squeeze out the maximum benefit of Web 2.0 site?

Submitting content to these Web 2.0 sites and placing backlinks is not enough. In this way, you can still generate traffic to your website to some extent. If you are satisfied with that then it’s okay. But if you want to make full benefit out of these Web 2.0 Sites, you need to follow the steps carefully. Here are some key points that you need to take care of:

  • Use domain name that should relate to your particular niche.
  • Quality content with images and other media formats that clearly reflects information related to your particular product.
  •  A proper on-page optimization.
  • Avoid duplicate contents

Here is the list of Top High DA Web 2.0 submission sites in 2020

This is the latest list of genuine high DA web 2.0 submission websites that will help you to create high-quality do-follow links for your websites or blogs.